”Overtone flute, willow flute, pitkähuilu, sälgflöjt, seljefløyte, pikkvile, obertonflöte, koncovka, kалюка…”

Welcome to overtoneflute.fi! The objective of this site is to offer as much information, self-study material, repertoire (sheets & audio) and listening tips on the Scandinavian overtone flute, in one place. This site focuses especially on side-blown overtone flutes with no tone holes, though all the exercises and tunes can be played with most of the overtone flutes (with no tone holes). Most of the exercises and tunes on this site are written for a flutes tuned in D, but you can anyway play them with a flute of any key, though most of the audio samples are played with a D-flute. Congratulations to you that you have reached to this page and are perhaps willing to learn to play this ancient instrument. You are warmly welcome!

Bass overtone flute (Builder: Vladiswar Nadishana)
D-tuned overtone flute (Made by Steinar Ofsdal)
A pile of overtone flutes.

© Janne Ojajärvi