From this site you can find some exercises to help developing your playing technic with overtone flute. All exercises can be found both as music sheets and as audio samples. Note reading skills are not necessary if you listen the audio samples and play D-tuned overtone flute (or if you change sample’s pitch to the key of your flute). I have written all exercises and tunes one octave higher than described in the diagram on page “Overtone flute scale”. In the diagram below the overtone flute scale is represented in the key of D and in the same octave than in the exercises and in the songs. The accidentals of the music sheets are shown in a way that makes it easier to read overtone flute tune notes. Remember that the tuning and intonation of the overtone flute is not the same than e.g. piano’s equal tuning. To keep it clear I have written all tunes by using basic stave, basic notes and basic accidentals. Some of the music sheets are written to overtone flutes with different keys to ensure that they can be comfortably played with chosen flute keys. Some songs may be unpleasantly high for basic D-tunes flute (high D).

A scale of D-tuned overtone flute in exercises and tunes
A scale of D-tuned overtone flute in exercises and tunes

Janne Ojajärvi · Harjoitukset pitkähuilulle
Exercise 1: The first breath (Harjoitus 1)
Exercise 2: Two open tones
Exercise 3: Vowel color
Exercise 4: Closed tones
Exercise 5: Scale exercise & a new tone
Exercise 6: A new tone
Exercise 7: A new low tone
Exercise 8: Octave scale
Exercise 9: New challences
Exercise 10: Exercises for scale and breathing
Exercise 11: Ornaments and grace notes
Exercise 12: Partly closed flute end
Exercise 13: Tying closed tones and/or open tones
Exercise 14: FX
Exercise 15: Special FX

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